Sparespro® Reward points are earned on eligible purchases and can be redeemed as discounts of subsequent orders


How Do I Earn Reward Points?

1) Set up your Sparespro® account. 

2) When you are about to checkout with a valid purchase that earns reward points. Rewards points earned will be displayed in the checkout. (Guest purchasers cannot earn reward points)


How do I check my Points Balance?

Once you have earned enough points to spend you can log in to your ‘My Account’ page to view the points you have earned.


How do I use my reward points?

Once you have earned enough points, they will appear as account credit  in the checkout as an available payment option.


Do I have to use all my points in one transaction?

You can choose how much credit you would like to use against the purchase. 

An example would be that you can pay for half an order through credit and the remainder using a different payment method such as Paypal or Visa. 


When do my points Expire? 

As Sparespro® Rewards is a loyalty program, Your points will expire if you dont use them up in 12 months. We want you to be an active customer of Sparespro and will will reward all our customers with the best in price, service and product! 


(This system replaces the old Bonus Points System)